Meeting Emi Furuya, the Canadian Ambassador to Denmark

On Friday, November 9th, the Human Security 2018 cohort was invited on a tour of the Royal Canadian Navy mine-hunting ship, the HMCS Summerside, and meet the Canadian Ambassador to Denmark, Emi Furuya. The Royal Canadian Navy is currently on one of NATO’s largest exercises. The purpose of this exercise is to organize multi-national military relationships and prepare countries to respond more effectively to potential maritime hazards. Ambassador Emi Furuya represents Canada to Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands and she promotes cooperative relationships between the nations.

Upon arrival, the Human Security cohort was presented with a welcoming drill from the crew, followed by a detailed and interactive tour of the HMCS Summerside. Students visited the bridge, bunk rooms, cafeteria, the power room, and had the opportunity to speak with the crew members about the functions of the ship. After, students were invited back up to the bridge for a reception and speeches given by Ambassador Emi Furuya and Commanding Officer Emily Lambert. Ambassador Emi Furuya spoke on the necessary collaboration between countries which is required to respond to conflicts or hazards existing in the international realm. Commanding Officer Emily Lambert discussed the importance of having a gendered lens in addressing world conflicts and implementing tactical procedures both within and outside of the military. Alongside these insightful speeches, the cohort was provided with delicious food prepared by the HMCS Summerside cooks – the clam chowder was particularly popular!

Overall, the experience provided students with insight into the practical doings of the military, the Royal Canadian Navy’s attempt in securing people worldwide, and the importance of international collaboration. The Human Security 2018 cohort is extremely grateful for this unique opportunity as it has better informed their human security perspective.

Summerside.jpgSummerside 2.jpg