Human Security Profiles

In the Human Security profiles below, previous students from the Master’s degree programme in Human Security tell about their studies and what they are doing at the moment. Click on the pictures to read.

Nina Fredslund Ottosen (March 2019)

Maja Tønning (February 2019)

Josefine Greber (January 2019)

Lisbet Rhiannon Hansen (December 2018)

Ivar Josefsson (November 2018)

Simone Uggeri (October 2018)

Theresa Ammann (September 2018)

Samwell Moses Ntapanta (August 2018)

Anssi Anonen (June 2018)

Mads Larsen (May 2018)

Gudrun Thorbjornsdottir (April 2018)


Kira Walker (March 2018)