Theresa Ammann – The Human Security Profile of September 2018

We are proud to present Theresa Ammann, the Human Security Profile of September 2018. Theresa is currently working as a postdoc in an interdisciplinary project between Aarhus University’s Psychology and Anthropology departments, criminologists from the University of Cambridge, and the Danish National Police. Reflecting on her choice to join the Human Security Master’s degree programme at Aarhus University, she explains: ‘Having studied peace research-related papers in the final year of my Bachelor’s in Political Science, I knew I wanted to adopt a more holistic approach than what the usual Master’s in Political Science had to offer. Realist approaches in International Relations, and the heavy reliance on quantitative indicators, never quite convinced me, so I chose the Human Security programme because of its thematic and methodological holism’. Read the full profile here:

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