Reflections on my first week at Human Security – Mikkel Weis Petersen


In the days leading up to the first week I was full of excitement. I spent a lot of time doing research on the programme’s own website and their social media sites. The information I found confirmed that I had made the right decision to apply for the Human Security programme. It was a great opportunity to dive into a cross-disciplinary field of great relevance and importance in many aspects. I felt privileged to be enrolled in the programme, and really wanted to get the best start possible both socially and academically.

The first day

What caught my attention the first day was the cozy atmosphere of the Moesgaard campus, the lecturers’ passion about the Human Security programme, and of course all the other students that like me really looked forward to getting started on this new adventure.

I received a lot of information the first day, but I want to highlight our enjoyable trip to the beach in the afternoon. It was a perfect occasion getting to know one another better, to relax the body and mind while looking at the ocean after an eventful first day, and to do your own reflections about your new daily life while walking through the forest. 

The social life on campus

Another highlight during the first week is how the lecturers were aware of the importance of a good social life among us students. To perform well academically requires a healthy social environment, and I think you really find exactly that on the Human Security Programme. What I really find valuable is the integration of a social dimension in the lectures, where the focus is on discussions, debates, and presentations in groups. As a student you become a highly active part of the dynamic and lively lectures. At the same time, you have a great opportunity to create relations to the other students by working together on solving different types of questions, cases, and issues.

Besides the academic part of the social dimension, the social life is also to be found when you are not attending class. During the first week we had for instance a lovely barbecue night with games in the park. I think that really strengthened the social relations in our cohort. It also created a lively atmosphere, where it was possible to talk and interact with anyone at the study, and I think we subsequently have succeeded in maintaining that atmosphere.

– Mikkel Weis Petersen

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