Reflections on the first semester of the Human Security Program – Persilla Atsiende Lutta

The first semester of the program has been a roller-coaster ride as it has been a period of drastic change for me (the unpredictable weather, the sun setting at like 4 pm, different learning methods, etc). From the first week of school when everything was new and exciting, getting to know each other, to having classes and discussions by highly exceptional lecturers, and to a somewhat hectic exam period, it is only right to say that the past 4 months have felt like a roller coaster. And with how demanding the school schedule is time really felt to have flashed by.

The first semester has been a great experience and has provided the opportunity to get to meet new people and make new friendships. It’s been exciting to cycle to school which I tried to enjoy for the most part before the weather got unpleasant.  And apart from the weather (which I still cannot understand and might not get used to since it is so unpredictable), and it is getting dark at like 4 pm, it’s safe to say that I’ve settled in well. 

Teaching methods 

Since the teaching method is a bit different from what I am used to (a more traditional approach with not as much emphasis on study groups), it’s been interesting to have lectures that implement a lot of study groups and group discussions. Even though it’s taken a while to get used to this style of learning, I think it has been very helpful. I especially liked the study groups because whenever I was lost with the assigned readings the group discussions of the texts helped a lot. 

Human Security Committee

The Committee which is run by the students and aims to create a vibrant social and academic environment has been a great platform to get involved in the program.  Through the Human Security Committee, we have gotten a lot of opportunities to socialize both in and outside class. From the different workshops organized, guest speakers, field trips, and other activities it’s been great to have cozy times just to get to know each other more. I especially like the idea of having a Dinner club where I think it is a great opportunity for us to socialize with other people outside our study groups, therefore ensuring that we at least interact with everyone in the class. Looking forward to all the activities, both social and academic, planned for next year. 

All in all, I’m excited for the new year and look forward to the next semester. 

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